Oils and fluids that may leak from the vehicle

August 27, 2023

The presence of liquid and oil leaks at the bottom of the car is one of the dangerous things that may happen to the car. Leakage indicates that there is a problem in one of the parts or spare parts of the car. Some drivers may not care about such leaks, which may pose a danger to the car and the lives of passengers.

What are the fluids that may be leaking and what is the cause?

  • Liquids differ in colour, smell and viscosity…
  • Sometimes the accumulated fluid stains at the bottom of the car are ordinary water resulting from condensation as a result of the operation of the air conditioner in the car. They are usually very small stains. In the event that there are stains in large quantities, this is not promising at all, and the fault must be repaired quickly before driving the car and not ignoring it.
  • Let's learn about the fluids that may leak from the car:

  • Gasoline: It is easy to identify by its well-known smell. Its presence undoubtedly indicates fuel leakage from the tank. It is important to know the cause of its leakage and treat it immediately due to the possibility of its rapid ignition. The leakage is caused by a problem in one of the fuel pipes under the car that connects the injector to the tank.
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  • Transmission oil: It is similar to car engine oil in terms of viscosity, but it differs in color. The color of the new oil tends to be bright red, and after long use it becomes dark red or brown. Its leakage must be addressed immediately, as the low level of transmission oil may cause damage to the transmission and the need to replace it. The transmission oil leakage is due to a malfunction or damage to one of the parts of the transmission.
    Coolant: Its function is to maintain the engine temperature, and it is considered one of the most common leaks. The color of the coolant is green, orange, or pink. Leaking it will lead to a rise in temperature, and the malfunction must be addressed quickly. Coolant leakage is most often due to the radiator, which is responsible for Maintaining the temperature of the car's engine within the permissible limit, as leakage may be caused by the radiator cap not being closed tightly.
Brake oil: It is light brown in color to yellowish, with a medium viscosity compared to the viscosity of engine oil or transmission oil. You should not drive the car when you notice a leakage of brake oil. Then the brakes will not work well and the driver may not be able to avoid possible damage. An action must be taken Maintenance required for the main brake system lines and brake pads, as they may be the cause of oil leakage from the vehicle.
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Dear driver, never be complacent with a fluid leakage at the bottom of your car, as the issue is more serious than you might think, and the cause of the leakage must be known and the fault addressed immediately before driving the car again.
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