Learn about the causes of fuel pump damage

February 28, 2021

The petrol pump is one of the most important components of the car that makes it work well, as it transfers fuel from the fuel tank to the combustion chamber of the engine.
Like other parts of the car, the fuel pump can be damaged or damaged, so the driver must be aware of the symptoms of fuel pump damage... Let's get to know them with a flap:

- Increased engine temperature:

If the car slows down when the engine temperature rises, this is an indication of a problem with the fuel pump.

Increasing the amount of fuel consumed:

When the petrol pump is damaged, the pump will pump irregular amounts of fuel into the engine and thus may consume more fuel than usual..

Sudden Acceleration:

Exposing the pump to damage and pumping unbalanced amounts of fuel will cause the car to accelerate irregularly.

Low driving force:

The inability of the car to climb or the weak torque of the car in the case of a large number of passengers is an indication that the pump is unable to transfer fuel to the engine as required.

A sound is coming from the car's fuel tank:

When the car is running or while driving, a noise emanating from the pump may be heard, and the sound may increase as the car speed increases, and this is evidence of damage to the petrol pump..

Difficulty starting the car:

Many drivers may experience difficulties in starting the car, which may be caused by damage to the fuel pump due to its loss of thrust, which affects the proper operation of the engine..

Significant engine vibration:

A clear vibration is observed in the engine of the car when it is running. This is a strong indication of damage to the petrol pump.

Do you need help changing your car's fuel pump?

In order to maintain the fuel pump, you must pay attention to the level of the fuel tank so that it does not drop below the middle, in addition to changing the fuel filter on time, which has an essential role in preventing impurities and sediment from reaching the fuel tank..
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