Orignal Auto Parts? or Aftermarket?

November 20, 2020

Replacing the car's engine oil is necessary to preserve the internal engine parts, especially when the meter exceeds certain distances. The most appropriate option is always - whether to choose the degree of viscosity of the oil or the duration of the change - is to follow the instructions written in the car's handbook.
But do you know, dear driver, what are the warning signs that tell you when to change your car's oil?
Rafraf will tell you.

1. Change the color of the oil:

When the driver notices during the examination of the oil dipstick that the color of the oil has changed from light brown or honey to black as a result of sediment and dust inside the engine or the oil losing its viscosity, this is an indication of the need to change it in order to avoid negative effects that may affect the performance of the engine.

2. Engine noise:

It is known that the viscosity of the engine oil inside the engine parts prevents them from rubbing against each other and thus protecting the engine while driving the car. emanating from the engine.

3. Car exhaust smoke:

The smoke emitted (whitish or black) from the exhaust (shakman) of the car is considered a very dangerous sign, indicating the possibility of damage to the internal parts of the engine.

4- Engine oil indicator on the dashboard:

In all modern cars, many warning signs appear in front of the driver on the dashboard that indicate a problem or malfunction in the car, such as a lack of fuel and a high engine temperature, in addition to a sign of oil change, which indicates the need to change it as soon as possible.

Need help finding the right oil for your car?

If you, dear driver, encounter one of the above symptoms, you should change your car's oil immediately before the engine parts become damaged and become irreparable. All you have to do is contact the Rafaf team to provide you with the best types of oils and original filters that suit your car to protect the engine and maintain its strong performance.
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