What are the causes of the vehicle's vector breakdowns in the car?

March 17, 2021

What is lime or gearbox?
Before discussing the causes of a transmission malfunction (lime or generosity), let's define its concept first: it is a box (Gearbox) Equipped with mechanical gears, sensors and electronic operators used to control the movement and speed of the car, and it depends on the mode of the gear stick and the amount of pressure on the gasoline pedal.

Here are the most important causes of lime malfunction:

  • The decrease in the amount of oil inside the Jerebox leads to the ineffectiveness.
  • Lime reluctance in the speed change process leads to a breakdown in the bonding of columns.
  • High temperature of lime in crowded places.
  • There is a problem with the wires connected between the lime stick and the speed box
  • Lime oil heat sensor defect
  • The presence of deposits in lime oil

The difference between ordinary lime and automatic lime:

The automatic transmission is characterized by the low cost of fuel consumption, and it can also make the speed change process easily and without any effort unlike the normal lime. Also, the process of transferring the speed in automatic transport cars is faster than cars with normal transport, in addition to the automatic transmission needs a time More to work from the manual carrier.

To keep your car lime .. RafRaf store advises you to follow the following: 

Monitor warning signs that appear on the driving screen
Monitor the level of lime oil and its wife constantly and change it according to the booklet instructions.
Periodic maintenance of Jerbox, change oil and filter, according to the attractions of the attached booklet
Do not judge the faults quickly, the error may be expensive sometimes
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