What is the water pump, and what is its role in maintaining the temperature of the car's engine?

August 27, 2023

The car engine consists of many spare parts that work together in a homogeneous way. If some of these parts stop, the engine will stop working and it will not be able to complete its rotation without them.

The water pump is considered one of the main and important parts of the car's spare parts, as without it the engine will not be able to run, as it is responsible for maintaining its normal temperature and within the permissible limit for work.

  • It is a fan that continuously pumps coolant into the engine parts to cool it down and keep its temperature within the normal range.
  • When the water pump in the car is damaged, some symptoms will appear on the car's engine. Of course, not all symptoms indicate a malfunction of the pump, but the cause may be due to the pump, so the engine must be checked thoroughly to find out the location of the malfunction and repair or replace it
  • What are the indicators that could be due to damage to the water pump?

  • Engine overheating.
  • Hearing loud friction sounds close to the engine of the car caused by a failure in the rotation of the pump pulley as a result of the belts attached to the pump stopping working.
  • What are the causes of pump damage?

  • Using plain water instead of coolant may corrode the pump blades
  • Neglecting the pump and not performing the necessary maintenance on time.
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