What happens when you reverse the car battery wires?

January 1st, 2024


The battery is considered one of the most important parts of the car, and without it, the electrical current needed to start the car and light the lights and other electrical systems in the car will not exist. Each battery has a specific amperage that varies depending on the size of the car and the power of its engine.

    But have you thought, dear driver, what would happen if you reversed the wires of the car battery when installing it, such that the positive terminal is connected to the negative terminal and the negative terminal is connected to the positive terminal?

    Some modern cars have protection against reversing the battery polarity, so that the power is automatically disconnected when the wires are connected incorrectly. But some other cars lack this feature, and therefore reversing the wires incorrectly will result in catastrophic consequences that begin with burning out all of the electrical fuses in the car and damaging some of the battery cells, and may lead to the car igniting, God forbid.

    How do you properly charge your car battery from another car battery?

    The correct way to make a subscription between two cars:

    • - You must charge the car battery through another car battery with the same voltage, and be careful not to charge it from a large car or truck battery.
    • - Start by connecting the wires to the healthy battery first, then connect the dead battery wires. (Negative with negative and positive with positive)
    • - Turn off all accessories that consume electricity in both cars, such as (car air conditioner, car lights, car stereo,...) so that the dynamo can send all of the electricity that is generated towards the battery.
    • - Start the correct car, raise the engine revolutions to 1500 RM, wait for a minute, then start the other car.
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