Causes of car overheating when parking

March 06, 2021

The normal engine temperature depends on the type of car and fuel. When the temperature rises to a certain temperature, the thermostat opens and the engine cooling cycle begins to work as required. The thermostat is one of the most important systems that have been developed over time and are used to prevent temperatures inside The engine from exceeding the limits required for the engine to work properly and efficiently.
And there are reasons why the engine temperature is higher than normal even while standing. One of the most important of these reasons:

- Malfunction of the water pump (water pump):

It is responsible for pumping water into the engine and the cooling radiator, as its failure leads to a rise in the engine temperature..

- The radiator has stopped working:

The failure of the radiator will affect the circulation of the coolant, and in the event that there is smuggling, even if it is simple, in the parts of the radiator, it will result in a leakage of the liquid.

Radiator fan failure:

If the radiator fan stops spinning, it will prevent air from flowing through the radiator and will affect the coolant and cause the temperature to rise.

Car overheating damage:

The high temperature when parking the car is one of the dangerous things that lead to serious damage, including:
- Decomposition of motor oil and loss of viscosity.:
- The engine of the car is completely damaged over time.:
- Thermal expansion, which will cause thermal stresses and deform the upper part of the engine, and will result in leakage between the cylinder and the upper cover, and thus stop the engine..:

How do you control car overheating?

Some temporary measures can be taken to help reduce the engine temperature until the service center is reached:.
- Turn off the air conditioner immediately..
- Avoid driving the car in crowded places, as this increases the engine temperature.
- Do not drive at high speed.
- Increase the amount of water in the radiator, taking care not to add cold water to the already existing hot water unless the engine is still running.
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