What are the spark plugs and how do you know they need to be changed?

March 06, 2021

The spark plugs of the car, or the so-called spark plugs, are considered one of the most important internal parts of the car, as their function depends on sending electrical signals in order to cause a spark in the combustion chamber to complete the combustion process, which results in the rotation of the car engine.
Here are the most important indicators that indicate the breakdown of the car spark plugs:

- Change the car's acceleration automatically and suddenly:

Damaged spark plugs can cause the engine to accelerate suddenly and then slow down again. This problem is due to an increase in the amount of air entering the engine during the combustion process.
Damaged or old spark plugs directly affect the complete combustion process inside the engine, which results in poor engine performance and a noticeable increase in fuel consumption..

Increased gasoline consumption:

Observing an increase in the car's fuel consumption is an indication of a possible defect in the spark plugs, which balance the fuel consumption process.

- Engine not turning:

A faulty spark plug may cause the engine to start to lag as it only turns when the ignition is turned and stops when the key is released.

- Low driving force:

The inability of the car to climb or the weak torque of the car in the case of a large number of passengers is an indication that the pump is unable to transfer fuel to the engine as required.

- Irregular engine revving:

When you notice the engine rotating irregularly, this may be due to damage to the spark plug or the breakage of the wire connecting the spark plug, and it may sometimes be accompanied by the sound of an explosion emanating from the car's exhaust.
Therefore, we advise you, dear driver, to check the headlights of the car and its related parts through the necessary periodic maintenance to avoid such sudden problems.

How do you know the right spark plugs for your car?

What are the most prominent types of spark plugs? There are many types of spark plugs and their sizes vary according to the type of car.
Therefore, when you want to replace the spark plugs, you must choose the appropriate spark plugs that match the type of your car. In the flap classification, you find the spark plugs in (gasoline and combustion system, then ignition system). Or contact the Raraf online store team to help you find the right parts for the car.
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