Orignal Auto Parts? or Aftermarket?

November 20, 2020

Many of us hear about the original and alternative parts and their prevalence in the auto parts market, but what is the difference between them? And the extent to which they are compatible with price and quality for the final consumer?
We will try to highlight the different types of parts on the market, and we hope that this article will be a helpful guide for you in purchasing. The classification will be adopted here according to the manufacturer of the part or according to its source:

First) Genuine Parts

These bear the car maker's logo, and are what the car is shipped with from the parent company. Such as spare parts for Toyota, GMC, Ford, and Hyundai... These parts are manufactured by the company that makes the car, or through parts manufacturing companies, according to the terms, conditions, and high quality standards specified by the car maker. It usually comes with the car maker's logo.

Second) OEM

Abbreviated as “Original Equipment Manufacturer”, which means that it was manufactured under license from the parent company, and there are many examples here: “Denso” that manufactures Toyota parts, Mopar that manufactures Jeep, Chrysler and Dodge parts, and ACDelco that manufactures American spare parts such as J cars. MC, Chevrolet, Cadillac, and Motorcraft, which makes parts for Ford and Lincoln cars. These parts are compatible with the original parts of the car, and the car manufacturer supervises the manufacturing process and makes sure that it is within the standard specifications.

Third) Aftermarket

Perhaps this classification is one of the most important classifications of spare parts, as it constitutes a high percentage of the share of sales of this market as a whole, and for this reason, you will find the most famous spare parts sites that depend on it mainly, such as Carparts and Summit Racing. As for quality, it must be detailed here so that you, dear consumer, will pay attention:
  • Highly OEM parts, many examples can be listed here: Moog, TYC, US Star, Bosch, …
  • Professional parts that are better than the original parts: Most of these parts are designed with sporty specifications, and there is no doubt that the quality of these parts exceeds the original ones by stages, despite the fact that they are called “alternative parts”, for example: Brembo brake cloths, Monroe Shocks, and filters K&N filters.
  • Lower price and quality parts than the original parts: These require expert opinion to distinguish them and ensure their quality and suitability.
متجر رفرف الإلكتروني يوفّر مجموعة واسعة من قطع الغيار الأصلية Genuine و OEM وقطع الغيار البديلة المعتمدة Aftermarket لمختلف أنواع سيارات تويوتا وهوندا والجمس والشفروليه والفورد والكاديلاك ولينكولن وميركوري وهيونداي وهمر ولكزس وغيرها، ونقوم أيضاً بتلبية جميع متطلبات السوق السعودي من الزيوت والفلاتر الأمريكية الأصلية.