Golden tips to save fuel consumption in your car

December 30, 2023


Increasing fuel consumption in the car is one of the problems that many drivers face. Is it caused by damage or damage to the car’s spare parts or is it due to wrong behaviors while driving?

    Let us learn together the most important tips that must be followed to maintain the optimal amount of fuel consumption in the car:

    Change the oil regularly:

    Changing the oil regularly is essential to keep the car in its best condition. But over time, the viscosity of the oil becomes severe and contaminated oil begins to accumulate, causing corrosion and thus shortening the life of the car engine.

    Tire adjustment:

    The decrease in tire pressure leads to an increase in the contact area between the tire and the road, and therefore the car engine requires additional effort to give the car the ability to move, and this in turn requires an increase in fuel consumption. Every decrease in tire pressure by 5% causes an increase in fuel consumption by 2%.

    Good handling of the air conditioner:

    Using the car's air conditioner in slow-moving cities and streets causes an increase in fuel consumption by 20%, while on highways the percentage decreases to 3%, so the car's air conditioning must be handled well.

    Start the car quietly and avoid sudden acceleration:

    When starting the car, you must move it at a low speed and not exhaust it, as pressing the gas pedal hard leads to pumping a larger amount of fuel to avoid increasing fuel consumption. You must also not drive at a low speed over long distances.

    Maintaining car engine temperature:

    High engine temperature increases fuel consumption by 10%.

    Avoid driving on sand and dirt roads:

    The nature of the roads plays a major role in the amount of fuel consumption. Driving on uneven roads, such as sandy roads, increases resistance and thus causes an increase in the amount of fuel consumption.

    Turning off the engine in traffic jams:

    For every minute of waiting, the car's engine expends enough fuel to drive about half a mile. It is better to turn off the engine, especially since it does not require a large amount of fuel to restart.

    Do not use up all of the car's fuel:

    The car must be filled with gasoline before the amount drops below approximately one-third in order to maintain a regular amount of fuel flowing to the car’s engine. So that the engine's efficiency does not decrease and it consumes a larger amount of fuel to operate.

    Clean the air filter regularly:

    When the air filter slots are filled with dust and dirt, the percentage of oxygen entering the engine will decrease, and thus the engine requires greater effort, which leads to consuming larger amounts of fuel.

    It is best to perform the necessary maintenance on time by cleaning the filters and spark plugs, which helps the car use fuel more efficiently, and the right oil helps the engine run more smoothly and use less fuel.

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