How to Protect Your Car from Dust in Our Dusty Gulf Region?

March 28, 2024


As wind speeds usually increase, they carry large amounts of sand and dust into the atmosphere, forming what is known as sandstorms or dust storms. This phenomenon is prevalent in our region (the Gulf countries) due to its geographical nature, where sandstorms are a part of the climate.

    One of the things you need to pay attention to in such stormy weather is to protect your car from dust, as dust is one of the main reasons that can cause damage to certain parts of the car. Therefore, it is necessary and important to take some measures to prevent dust from reaching the sensitive parts of the car and thus avoid its negative effects.

    - Cleaning the car's air filter:

    The air filter is responsible for protecting the car's engine by purifying the air entering the engine, thus preventing dust and impurities from entering. Therefore, it is better to clean the air filter carefully or replace it after a long period to maintain the engine's operation and performance.

    - Cleaning the interior AC filter:

    • The primary function of the AC filter is to prevent any dust or dirt from entering the car's interior. When the filter is exposed to a large amount of dust and dirt in dusty conditions while using the AC, dirt accumulates on the filter, significantly affecting the efficiency of the AC and, in turn, affecting the performance of the AC fan. The fan sucks the clogged filter with dirt, increasing its temperature and exposing it to damage.

    - Cleaning the engine and AC radiators:

    • The engine and AC radiators are exposed to a lot of dirt and dust particles in dusty conditions, which settle between the radiator fins, affecting the efficiency of engine and AC cooling. This, in turn, causes an increase in engine temperature and a decrease in AC cooling. To address this problem, it is recommended to periodically wash the radiator from the outside with a large amount of water to remove dirt and debris from the radiator.

    - Maintaining the car's glass surfaces:

    • Operating the front (and rear if available) glass surfaces will prevent damage, as these surfaces are made of leather-like materials that are affected by dryness. It is better to operate them from time to time, as not getting water on them will lead to their drying and subsequent damage.

    - Washing the car from the outside:

    • Make sure to wash your car from the outside regularly, as the accumulation of dust and dirt on the car's exterior surface will cause it to lose its original color over time.

    - Covering the car:

    • It is better to cover the exterior body of the car when parked for a long period or not used permanently to avoid the accumulation of dust and dirt.
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