Make sure to buy original spare parts and ditch the idea of counterfeit parts!

December 11, 2023


Counterfeit spare parts are made of very cheap materials compared to original spare parts, and there are no guarantees that they will work well. Counterfeit car spare parts have become widespread recently in the Kingdom due to the increase in the size of the automobile sector. The Kingdom is considered one of the largest markets for selling cars in the Middle East. Consequently, counterfeit parts easily found a place to make a quick profit without taking into account the safety of customers and the risks that would befall passengers.

    The government plays a major role in stopping counterfeit spare parts from spreading in the Saudi market through continuous awareness of the potential dangers of installing counterfeit parts, and it also takes legal measures against those responsible for those parts.

    General Motors recently established a group of international specialists to protect the brand. This team works in cooperation with partners from around the world to limit the spread of counterfeit parts and stop their arrival at border crossing points. Government agencies in the Kingdom have worked in recent years to tighten control.” On spare parts, many illegal shipments were seized in some border areas, in addition to ongoing internal campaigns to seize violating spare parts and hold their owners accountable.

    Why should you buy original spare parts and stay away from fake ones?

    You must pay attention to choosing the type of spare parts for your car and make sure that they are original spare parts. Original spare parts are designed very carefully and are subjected to careful testing by manufacturers to ensure their quality and performance. While we find that counterfeit parts have been manufactured from bad and inferior materials and their purpose is commercial only, Without taking into consideration the safety of the driver and passengers

    What are the best-selling counterfeit spare parts in the Kingdom?

    Oil filters and windshield wipers are among the most common counterfeit spare parts on the market, in addition to engine oils and brake discs

    Some people ignore the importance of car spare parts and believe that car spare parts are similar to any other part on the market outside the scope of cars, and what is important is saving money, but the matter here is different. Let us assume that the brake system in your car - which is considered the basic element of safety - is fake and not original, as it may stop.” God forbid, they suddenly stop working due to poor workmanship! The result you may be exposed to may be disastrous and even fatal. It is also known that counterfeit parts do not last long, and need to be replaced continuously due to the frequent breakdowns they will be exposed to over time, and thus will cost the driver greater additional amounts, Reducing costs means reducing quality as well.

متجر رفرف الإلكتروني يوفّر مجموعة واسعة من قطع الغيار الأصلية Genuine و OEM وقطع الغيار البديلة المعتمدة Aftermarket لمختلف أنواع سيارات تويوتا وهوندا والجمس والشفروليه والفورد والكاديلاك ولينكولن وميركوري وهيونداي وهمرولكزسوغيرها، ونقوم أيضاً بتلبية جميع متطلبات السوق السعودي من الزيوت والفلاتر الأمريكية الأصلية.