How to Check Your Car's Engine Oil?

A one-minute speculation can keep your car moving trouble-free.


Engine oil is the lifeblood of your car’s motor. It greases the motor’s inner moving parts, holding them back from overheating and wearing out fast. It also contributes greatly to preventing dirt and dust, keeping the motor clean in the process. Ensuring you keep engine oil under regular check is, therefore, critical to preserving your motor’s health and driving the most miles. In case you’re checking the oil yourself, here’s how to get started:

Check The Oil Level

Checking the oil level is a fast, simple task that we suggest you do at each and every other oil top up. All you need is a cloth or paper towel along with your car proprietor's manual to avoid running into difficulties.

The first step is to ensure your car is parked on level ground, and wait until the motor is cold. Secondly, check the proprietor's manual and follow the automaker's recommendations. Some modern cars have electronic oil monitor, but don't have conventional dipsticks for manual check..

Now, with the motor off, open the car's bonnet, pull the oil dipstick out from the motor and wipe any oil off from its end. Put the scale back into its pipe and push it right back in.

Pull it back out again, and look at the two sides of the scale to see where the oil is on the end. Each dipstick has a different manner of showing the appropriate oil level. If the highest oil spot is between the two signs or within the crosshatched range, the oil level is fine, but if the oil is underneath the lower signal, you need to add oil as portrayed beneath.

Check the oil color 

Oil color should be brown or black. But if it has a light color, this could mean coolant is infiltrate into the engine. Look carefully for any metal chip, too, as this could mean there is inner motor harm. In the event that you see both of these conditions, get the car to a mechanic for additional test.

In the case everything is fine, clear the dipstick again, put it back into its cylinder completely, and close the hood.

Adding Oil

First of all, you should utilize the grade of oil suggested in the proprietor's manual.  You can find a genuine oil for your car at Rafraf Online store.

To add oil, remove the oil filler cap, situated on top of the motor.  you should add oil a little at a time. Using a funnel helps avoid spills. Also avoid over-filling up with oil because it can harm the car’s motor.

Return the dipstick back into its cylinder completely, and you are finished.

We are ready to support and provide you with the suitable genuine engine oil as well as original and aftermarket spare parts for your car. If you run into any difficulties finding the right oil, you can reach out to us via What’App.

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